Old Norse-ensk orðabók. 2013.

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  • Dag the Wise — Illustration by Gerhard Munthe (1899) Dag the Wise or Dagr Spaka (2nd or 3rd century AD) was a mythological Swedish king of the House of Ynglings. He was the son of Dyggvi, the former king. According to legend, he could understand the speech of… …   Wikipedia

  • Domalde — In Norse mythology, Domalde, Dómaldi or Dómaldr (Old Norse possibly Power to Judge [1]) was a Swedish king of the House of Ynglings, cursed by his stepmother, according to Snorri Sturluson, with ósgæssa, ill luck . He was the son of Visbur.… …   Wikipedia

  • Narfi — in Norse mythology may refer to the son of Loki or the father of Nótt, the personified night. Contents 1 Son of Loki 2 Father of Nótt 3 Notes 4 Re …   Wikipedia

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